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Let it be known I am not a Dallas Maverick’s Bandwagoner by any means. Anyone who has tried to trade for a Jim Jackson basketball card and raided every commons box in the DFW sports cards stores to try and find an Uwe Blab card has to be a MFFL. I was a Reunion Rowdy and spent many draft nights plotting how the Mavericks are going to make it “This Year”.



Ever since that night in 2006, you remember that night,(the night when your heart sank in the realization that Miami Heat were going to beat the Mavs in embarrassing fashion) the talk in this town about the Dallas Mavericks has been extremely negative. “Soft”, “mentally fragile”, “not tough enough”, “disappearing in big games”, and “letting the ghosts of the past haunt them”, have become the common descriptions used by media and the so called experts locally and nationally.
I am here to tell you that THIS IS THE YEAR!

ExecutionThe Mavericks are averaging just 12.8 turnovers per game and are shooting an amazing 41.9% from 3 point range.

Defending The Paint – Test after test the Dallas’ zone has stood its ground, defended the paint, pushed the opponents’ offense outward, and limited the easy looks to the basket. Oklahoma City’s fast break opportunities will be limited and Mav’s fans have seen how reliable the jump shot can be in a seven game series.

DIRK– 26 points per game, 60% from 3-point range, 49.7% field goal percentage. Two words: LIGHTS OUT. He realizes that he may not have many more chances than this and is making the most out of this one.

Rick Carlisle – He has taken two other teams to a Conference final, just to experience uncommon heartbreaks following losing the series and is not taking chances this time. Though the team is rested, the Mavs have still been working hard on drills during this time and even doing scrimmages.

Experience– Shawn Marion (11 years) and Peja Stojakovic (12 years) have lost in the Conference Finals, Brendon Haywood (9 years) and Deshawn Stevenson (10 years) have lost close playoff heartbreaks Washington, Tyson Chandler (9 years) one word, hungry, and who can forget Jet Terry (11 Years). This is too much experience and realization of how short the window actually is.

Inexperience – Just two years removed from a 23-win season, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder have earned themselves a spot in the Western Conference Finals. Last year, in their first playoff appearance since moving to Oklahoma City from Seattle prior to the 2008-2009 season, the Thunder lost to the eventual NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 in the first round. They remind me of The Mavericks in 2006, as not yet having paid their dues.

So there you have it, 6 Reasons Why The Mavs Will Win the NBA Western Conference Finals Execution, Defending the Paint, Dirk, Rick Carlisle, Experience, and In-Experience. Can we make the AAC the new home of the Reunion Rowdies? Even if you do not know who Uwe Blab, Randy White, or Leon Smith are come aboard THE MAVS TRAIN and become one!