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From The Mickey Mouse Club to an Apocalyptic new video of “Til the World Ends” Britney Spears has come a long way! The video is a subterranean club scene where everyone wants to dance….imagine that, the only concern for these beautiful people is dancing until the apocalypse is over. Well Britney does find the sun at the end of the video so I guess that works for her. She does seem to have kept her figure toned for this video and in preparation to her upcoming tour and trying to outdo herself. Her national tour starts in June and comes to Dallas July 12, 2011. She is looking for a headliner to replace Enrique Ingleasias as he backed out of the tour last week.
Her new album “Femme Fatal” is currently number 1 on the Billboard 200 and she is the first female ever to have six #1 album debuts. Who would have figured the petite blonde that was infamously quoted as saying?
“Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish? I know its tuna, but it says ‘Chicken of the Sea.’ (…oops wrong blonde) could remake her career to the point everyone wants to know what she’s doing next? As for me, I say “You go girl!” work until nobody cares and then figure something else out to do that makes you enjoy life just as much as performing does now.
Is it just me or do the videos now not have the story lines that the ones in the 80’s did?

Guest written by: Kim Reynolds


Ok so let’s examine WHAT If there is a CBA in place and we do get more than half a season in this year or Jerry Jones believes that there will be over half a season. Mel Kiper with his Mock Draft 3.0 has the Dallas Cowboys taking Prince Amkuamara with the 9th pick and I would agree with Mr. Kiper. Says Kiper: “This is a pick I’ve stuck with through the first two mocks. Again, because the mock draft can’t account for draft board trades — the Cowboys could certainly deal down the board, particularly if they target the offensive line — Dallas could do a lot worse than to grab the best pure technician at the corner position.”
Cowboys Stadium Affiliate -Shawn Collins
I do not believe that Jones would risk the pick here. I believe there are plenty of free agent safeties out there that would secure that position and fill the void that has been left since Darrell Woodson. One safety in particular safety that I would love to see have a star on his helmet next year is Michael Huff. Huff and Amkuamara take care of the secondary in two bold moves and gives Rob Ryan strength in last year’s weakness. You would have a backfield of Amakuamra, Jenkins, Newman, Scandrick, McCann, Huff, Ball (need to find a replacement), McCray and Church.
That would leave Dallas the rest of the draft and free agency to fill in the Middle Linebackers, the offensive line, the full backs, and a defensive lineman or two.

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The young toddler that went viral will not be a happy camper much longer. It looks like Gavin Justice-Farmer will either have to find a new team or a new player to follow as the ‘The Michael Young Saga’ will not go away. It looks like the rumblings out of Surprise AZ are that the Texas Rangers are now ready to eat almost half Young’s contract to get a trade done for minor league prospects. That now opens the door again for the Rockies and the Cubs to get back into the mix of Michael Young’s potential new teams. Don’t worry Gavin; you could do worse to be a fan of the beloved Cubbies or Rockies, like the Yankees.

Summer at the Ballpark Photo by sidehike’s

Summer at the Ballpark Photo by sidehike’s

According To T.R. Sullivan of the Dallas Morning News, The Texas Rangers have consented that Chris Davis has opened some eyes with his strong Spring Training. He is fighting for not only a major league roster spot but playing time as well. He has done so well that several teams have inquired about his availability. This is what happens when you have had such a strong minor league system over the past few years. Look at the Ranger’s potential roster, over half of them I watched play as a Frisco Roughrider (Ranger’s Double A Team). Players are now publicly crying over playing time and the season has not even started. Can you remember when the Ranger’s were begging for players to play for them? I can.

It looks like the Texas Rangers Opening Day starting rotation will be:
C.J. Wilson
Colby Lewis
Tommy Hunter
Matt Harrison (3rd time HAS to be the charm…)
Derek Holland
That should strike fear into the divisional opponents. Can you say… bring on the trade deadline???

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Can someone please tell me why the NFL owners and players are still fighting over a CBA? Did the NFL not learn anything from watching MLB lose millions in revenue and fan base over their work stoppage in1994-95? You can still find people today that will not support the MLB because of the last interruption of play.
I was reading an article in the March 14, 2001 issue of Sports Illustrated; it is a MUST read. The 9.3 Billion is an estimate; it is not even a real number. The 9.3 Billion is an estimate that the media has come up with based upon the current television contracts, (ESPN $1.1 Billion, per year for 18 games, FOX $712.5 Million per year for 102 games, CBS $622.5 Million per year for 102 games, NBC $650 Million per year for 18 games, Direct TV $1 Billion for 8 games plus the Sunday Ticket totaling $4.085 Billion per year) add the 1.1 Billion from NIKE, and the $720 Million from Verizon. All of that totals $5.9 Billion before you even touch revenue sharing, stadium naming rights, sponsorships, merchandising, tickets, and concessions. The NFL does not open their books to scrutiny so all of this is based upon the reporting of the Green Bay Packers, Inc. who is a public entity and even then it is only the 17th most valuable team in the NFL according to a 2009 Forbes report.
So how do you fix this? I have a very radical idea that will never be possible or work because neither the owners nor the players would agree to it but let’s explore it anyway using the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys as an example.

Photo by: Affiliate -Shawn Collins

Photo by: Affiliate -Shawn Collins

The NFL becomes a holding corporation (an S-Corp for arguments sake) for every team and each team becomes a separate company within that holding company (an LLC for example). The owners become share holders, board members, and their shares of the NFL S-Corporation are based on their 2010 revenue and would elect Roger Goodell as a non-share holding Chairman of the Board. The owners are then elected as Managing Partners of the LLC (Dallas Cowboys LLC of which Jerry Jones is President ). That takes care of the revenue sharing, there would be no need for a salary cap, and this gives Roger Goodell all powers that are given to him in the S-Corp Articles and he can be removed by a majority vote of the board.
There would not be a rookie draft. The NFLPA is already busted up. Every NFL player would be a free agent when their contract is up or a player enters the workforce. Each individual player could negotiate all of his rights and sponsorships that he could. He would, if possible, negotiate a contract with each LLC or the S-Corp., be on the market to the highest bidder, and would work wherever he wanted to. The player would receive health care, 401K, retirement, and all of the other benefits that you or I would get while employed by a company.
The interesting negative or positive part of this is in the Right to Work States like Texas; Tony Romo or any of the Dallas Cowboys who were not under contract could leave at any time and/or be fired at any time with no notice….
Is the idea different, yes; is the idea radical, yes; would it work? NO… but it is just an idea. What do you think?
Be a BAD Sport!!!

“What would a Texas Ranger spring training be without drama?” David Murphy Texas Rangers Outfielder


Summer at the Ballpark Photo by sidehike’s

Summer at the Ballpark Photo by sidehike’s

Michael Young’s trade demands
The whole sale process of the Texas Rangers
Ian Kinsler’s injuries
Failed drug tests
Tom Hicks
Starting pitching
Is Neftali Feliz in or out of the rotation and he says he wants to be a closer?
Kahlil Green’s social anxiety
Adrian Beltre has yet to take a swing
Chuck Greenberg is out as CEO and Nolan Ryan is in?

In the coming weeks when Greenberg’s side of the story gets out to the media and it will, we will begin to find out the reasons why the separation took place. These things never stay completely private. (If you have not seen it, here is the press release.) Texas Rangers General Manager John Daniels said in an interview today on 105.3 THEFAN that it was philosophical differences between the club and Greenburg. I would speculate that this all started during the actual negotiations for the team. Similar to a bad marriage and the ‘honeymoon phase’ there were little things along the way that drove a wedge between these two men. Some in the media like Greenberg’s verbal war with the New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman; meddling in the Cliff Lee talks, some not so public like the blowing up of Michael Young Trade, and some private that we will never hear about.

As a fan I loved Greenberg, he was in front of the fans and media, challenging the big boy on the block, keeping prices low, reaching out to Cliff Lee to keep him as a Texas Ranger. I guess it was too much for the old school owner group. Nolan is now CEO, managing partner, and ‘head boot’ out at the ballpark. How will Nolan interact? Will it be similar to before Greenberg came on board? Will changes and improvements continue out at ‘The Temple’?

All I know for sure is that we are less than three full weeks from Opening Day and the Texas Rangers won the ALCS against The Evil Empire and went to the World Series last year with drama and it did not bother the players. So, this season is starting to look pretty good to me…

I got my Opening Day Tickets; do you have yours?? Get them here at BAD Sports Entertainment.Be a BAD Sport!!!


Recently there has been a lot of talk about the Opening Day starting line-up of the Texas Rangers. Everyone is concerned with what Ron Washington will do. So far the predictions have been:
Ian Kinsler
Elvis Andrus
Josh Hamilton
Adrian Beltre (providing he is healthy)
Nelson Cruz
Michael Young
Mitch Moreland
Yorvit Torealba
Julio Borbon

Not bad, Michael Young fans are screaming bloody murder though with last year’s batting average of .284, on base percentage of .330, a slugging average of .444, an OPS of 774, 99 runs, 21 homeruns, and 91 RBIs.
Josh Hamilton fans are trying to figure out why he is hitting third.
Who is Yorvit Torealba and didn’t we trade for someone by the name of
Mike Napoli? Have fun with that one Toronto!

This though is not about Michael Young or the off season moves; it is about the line-up on Opening Day. Now I agree with Ron Washington about the three, four, and five spots; All Star Josh Hamilton moving the runners over by hitting the ball everywhere and clearing the bases with his three run homeruns. All Star Adrian Beltre protecting All Star Josh (Hamilton) from being walked with his lifetime batting average of .275, on base percentage of .328, a slugging average of .462, an OPS of 791, 912 runs, 278 homeruns, and 1008 RBIs, and how can you argue with All Star Nelson Cruz picking EVERYONE up in the five hole.
Below is where I disagree with Ron Washington:
Elvis Andrus
Ian Kinsler
Josh Hamilton
Adrian Beltre
Nelson Cruz
Julio Borbon
Michael Young
Mitch Moreland
Yorvit Torealba

In Baseball, I believe speed kills and the more speed you can get up front for the power hitters the more difficult and uncomfortable you can make it for the pitchers in playing ‘small ball’ (taking what the defense gives you, making the most out of it, and then pounding the ever loving snot out of the opposing team when they make mistakes). I wanted to put Michael Young in 8th but I think there might be a bounty put on my head and I would be murdered for doing that. I have speed in the front with Elvis, and Kinsler moving him over (providing he stays healthy). I changed the back of the line-up with Borbon hitting 6th , Young picking him up, Moreland protecting Young. Let’s not forget Torbela a hit batting average of .271, on base percentage of .343, a slugging average of .378, an OPS of 721, 31 runs, 7 homeruns, and 37 RBIs last year for some lousy good for nothing team named the San Diego Padres. Who are those stinking guys?
I believe as well in Ron Washington though. There I said it. I am on the record and on the ‘WASH’ train. Last year I was just waiting for the sale of the Texas Rangers to go through and ‘WASH’ to be run out of town but after last year’s post season how could you not be a fan? How could you not be a fan of “The Best Manager” that the Texas Rangers have ever had? Better than “The Great” Johnny Oats (may he rest in peace and my prayers go out to his family), better than Bobby Valentine, better than Billy Martin, Whitey Herzog, or yes “The Amazing” Ted Williams. So, I will trust ‘WASH’s judgment. BAD Sports Entertainment will be there on Opening Day rooting for OUR TEXAS RANGERS to pound the ever loving snot out of the Boston Redsox when they make mistakes.
Go Rangers,

BAD Sports Entertainment

When writing a blog they always say it is not just relevant content but good relevant content. In the next few blogs I will go over in more depth who we are, what we do, and why you should choose us. I plan on writing about sports, entertainment, exclusive interviews with celebrities (sports and non-sports), and share my opinions on upcoming games and concerts. I will also share a little insider information on about the numerous venues that we host in.

Next Up: Texas Rangers Owner/CEO Chuck Greenberg

If you have a topic or suggestion let me know and I will certainly take it under advisement. Either e-mail me at or better yet comment on the blog site and I will respond.

It has been a busy few weeks. I wanted to give you an update on the Super Bowl XLV Party that we held at Two Brothers in Dallas.

The venue was great; I was very impressed with the upstairs party room. From the private bar to the 110 inch projection screen, it was beyond my expectations. The staff, Austin and Shelby, was fantastic and took care of anything and everything that we needed.

We had an intimate group and had more food than anyone could eat and more fun that a barrel of monkeys (that is right I said monkeys).

We made fun of Christina Aguliera, gave out prizes, cut the cake, and enjoyed a great half of football (let’s face it; Pittsburgh was asleep the first two quarters). Although it looked like Jerrah was trying to land The Good Year Blimp on the field at halftime with the glow in the dark costumes. Can someone tell me why that was necessary? Although, I believe that it should be congressional act that guitarist ‘SLASH’ has to make a half-time appearance at every Super Bowl; he is second only to the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn and marginally ahead Jimmy Hendrix of in my opinion.

Fun time was had by all; everyone made it home safe, and unfortunately it was a school night and we had to go to work in the morning. 😦

The weather had us all worried there for a minute but luckily the roads were still wet, not frozen, when we left.

Although, leave it to the Cheezeheads to have to bring enough bad weather to Texas to ensure a Super Bowl win. 😉

I am extremely excited about this weekend. I have been putting together an Inaugural Super Bowl Watching Party together with family, friends, and co-workers for a few months. It is our “Kick-Off” and the end of one journey to create BAD Sports Entertainment and the beginning of another, the birth of the company.

We picked a great venue; it will be private, upstairs, with a 60″ LCD TV, a 42″ LCD TV, our own bartender (cash bar is available), and waitress. I am getting a picture cake (really looking forward to it because it has our logo on it) and we are decorating the room with balloons, and table covers. We are giving away prizes and picking up the tab on the appetizers and soft drinks.

I am looking forward to the event and the growth of something really special. I will let you know next week how it turns out and add some pictures for you to see.

On a side note: Can a True Dallas Cowboys Fan root for either team this weekend? I just hope it is a sloberknocker of a game!

We are a sports concierge service. Well you are asking yourself what is a sports concierge? Think of us as ‘Your Guy’. Everyone has a ‘Your Guy’ that is your connection to get you the tickets that you could not get waiting in line or that you wanted to wait in line for. Everyone has a ‘Your Guy’ that can get you the latest concert ticket that need to make your summer complete. Everyone has a ‘Your Guy’ that has THE Tailgate Party; you know the one party before a Dallas Cowboys Game that everyone who was, is or never shall be is at having a great time. Never mind the game itself just think of the after-parties at the club that ‘Your Guy’ throws!
You say OK, what can ‘Your Guy’ do? How about Dallas Cowboys Home Game Day Ticket Packages that includes transportation from a central location via limo/party bus to a Dallas Cowboys Home Game, to an after party, returning you to a pickup location with limited beer and wine included, hostesses to attend the game with you to make sure you have everything is ok, tickets to a suite, and limited food, beer, wine, and soft drinks in the suite; plus, access to the TAILGATE PARTY!
We have the connections to get you to the Dallas Cowboys Tickets that you want…. no wait no ….that you need!
All of our packages are located in a suite and give you the ability to not have to wait in line for the concession stand; not to have to wait until Halftime to go to the bathroom (you can go between change of possession, or during a review, during the end of the quarter, or even and I do not recommend this between plays and get back quickly!).
Most of our packages include transportation to and from the tailgate party and or suite so you do not have to worry about parking or walking to and from that parking spot that you paid $50.00 for only to walk a half a mile to still get to the stadium and oh by the way your car just got broken into while at the game and now you have to deal with all of those fun activities. Or heaven forbid you have had too much to drink and you try to get behind the wheel.
Now that I tell you all of this, I am going to get radical on you. Not only do we have Dallas Cowboys Football Home Game Day Ticket Packages. We also have Rangers, Stars, Mavericks, Rough Riders, and Concert Packages as well that all include the same as the above!
That is the best part about a concierge; you can go to them for everything!!!!
In the coming weeks I will be revealing more and more about who we are, what we do and how we can become ‘Your Guy’ so you do not miss the events that you want to be at.