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The London born songbird currently taking the airwaves by storm recently released her second album entitled 21.  From her humble beginnings to being the first living artist to have two top five hits both in the singles chart and album chart simultaneously since The Beatles in 1964 is truly amazing.  It’s hard for me to know that her influences came originally from the Spice Girls!  I mean good lord the girl was born the year I graduated high school….talk about really feeling old!


Adele’s introduction to the US market occurred on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest in October of 2008.  With the British press dubbing her the new Amy Winehouse, we can only hope she doesn’t take the same path to an inability to sing.  I for one am extremely impressed with her new album entitled 21.  Her soulful voice seems much more mature and engaging than the album 19 performances.

The Adele Live tour has had some set backs with her laryngitis and rescheduling of dates but even with that she seems to pull the crowds.  The tour has become a profound success with the entire North American leg sold out.  I definitely look forward to her next album and if luck holds maybe a ticket to the concert!


Another Guest Blog Post by: Kim Reynolds


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