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I have been watching the Texas Rangers a lot more closely this year as I guess all of North Texas has been. We all have caught a little ‘Ranger Fever’ and I have found myself looking more at the Box Scores and paying more close attention to the statistics than previous years. I usually do not get baseball fever until late June/early July but I guess I am still hung over from their World Series appearance. After watching every pitch in the Post Season last year and the Spring Training Box Scores (yes it is that bad) I have come up with my Top 10 Reasons Why the Texas Rangers Will Win the World Series This Year.
Top 10 Reasons Why the Texas Rangers will Win the World Series
10. Win the West Handedly: We will know more about how we stack up in this week with the series against the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim (still an unstable name) this week but I would not be surprised if Texas took two of three in this series and take a two game lead.

9. The Fans: I have been a fan of the Texas Rangers since 1979. I can remember my Dad taking me to a game and betting the guy in the row ahead of us a hot dog that Texas was going to win that day. A hot dog never tasted better than when the great Buddy Bell hit a walk off home run to win the game. I was seven and became a Texas Rangers for life. Like many fans, this summer the Ballpark in Arlington will be hotter than the Texas heat and will be rocking this fall.

8. Farm System: Bolstered by top prospects Martin Perez, Jurickson Pofar, Tanner Sheppers, Robbie Erlin, Engle Beltre, Michael Kirkman, Mike Ott, the farm system is still stocked and highly regarded as top ten in many rankings and top 15 in others in baseball. The farm system still has the ability to handle some trading away of the top prospects and be highly regarded.

7. Front Office: Even though you have a strong farm system you also need the front office with the brains and guts to make those trades. I think we all realized that last year when we stole Cliff Lee and still had leverage to pull off other trades, while having zero payroll dollars and having John Daniels hands tied behind his back. The hands are untied now and l cannot wait to see what Harry Houdini moves John Daniel’s pull this year.

6. Ron Washington: No one could have predicted when “Warsh” was hired that he could have performed more admirably than he did last year. Amid all the distractions surrounding the team last year including the ones he created there was not a doubt that he would have won the Manager of the Year Award. His poise under pressure and the ability to play chess with masterful moves last year proved that he is up to the task of managing the club to a World Series Win this year. Photo by sidehike’s

5. Hitting: 4th in the MLB in homeruns at 18, 9th in MBL in RBIs at 68 and runs at 73, 3rd in slugging at .457, and dead last in Strike Outs at 65 Thad Bosley is not just letting the hitters be hitters but is improving on Clint Hurdle’s message of patience at the plate and taking your shot when you can.

4. Pitching: Usually the most complained about position on the team in the media and by the fans, Pitching Coach Mike Maddox and Mentor Nolan Ryan has the pitching staff humming along to a Major League Baseball best 2.71 combined ERA with a 10-4 record and given away a Major League Baseball low of 97 Hits. How is that for a turnaround!

3. Fielding: Adding Adriain Beltre’s glove at third shored up one of the major glowing weakness that was exposed during last season’s post season play. Michael Young’s age has caught up with him and his range is not what it used to be. With the infield ‘Black Hole’ that is Elvis Andrus and Ian ‘The Rock’ Kinsler the infield has turned 16 double plays and only having 8 errors on the whole team.

2. Depth: There is depth on this team at every position; look at the Josh Hamilton injury this team still is chugging along like freight train without their best hitter. Every time you hear an interview from any play they all say almost the same thing… “If one guy is having a bad day, the other guys pick him up.” This TEAM is not a one man show, on any given day one or all of them can hurt you and make you pay for your mistakes. Most players can play more than one position and have said on many occasions just “put me in coach I am ready to play”. There is so much depth on this team that Wash has routinely said that he has a difficult time getting everyone the playing time that they want or need.

1. Team Leadership (Core): The core has been together for three years; most of the players on the team have come up thru the system. I have watched many of them play for the Frisco Roughriders. The team has learned how to win, what it takes to win, and how to win together. They know how to keep focus during distractions and they know how to handle distractions in the club house.
Texas Rangers 2011 World Series Trophy
There you have it, the top ten reasons that the Texas Rangers will win the World Series. It looks like the team came out of the sprint training corner swinging to defend their pennant and if you thought they were a team of destiny last year, look out! This team is ready to not only contend this year but is built to give the baseball elite fits for years to come.


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