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Ok so let’s examine WHAT If there is a CBA in place and we do get more than half a season in this year or Jerry Jones believes that there will be over half a season. Mel Kiper with his Mock Draft 3.0 has the Dallas Cowboys taking Prince Amkuamara with the 9th pick and I would agree with Mr. Kiper. Says Kiper: “This is a pick I’ve stuck with through the first two mocks. Again, because the mock draft can’t account for draft board trades — the Cowboys could certainly deal down the board, particularly if they target the offensive line — Dallas could do a lot worse than to grab the best pure technician at the corner position.”
Cowboys Stadium Affiliate -Shawn Collins
I do not believe that Jones would risk the pick here. I believe there are plenty of free agent safeties out there that would secure that position and fill the void that has been left since Darrell Woodson. One safety in particular safety that I would love to see have a star on his helmet next year is Michael Huff. Huff and Amkuamara take care of the secondary in two bold moves and gives Rob Ryan strength in last year’s weakness. You would have a backfield of Amakuamra, Jenkins, Newman, Scandrick, McCann, Huff, Ball (need to find a replacement), McCray and Church.
That would leave Dallas the rest of the draft and free agency to fill in the Middle Linebackers, the offensive line, the full backs, and a defensive lineman or two.

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