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The young toddler that went viral will not be a happy camper much longer. It looks like Gavin Justice-Farmer will either have to find a new team or a new player to follow as the ‘The Michael Young Saga’ will not go away. It looks like the rumblings out of Surprise AZ are that the Texas Rangers are now ready to eat almost half Young’s contract to get a trade done for minor league prospects. That now opens the door again for the Rockies and the Cubs to get back into the mix of Michael Young’s potential new teams. Don’t worry Gavin; you could do worse to be a fan of the beloved Cubbies or Rockies, like the Yankees.

Summer at the Ballpark Photo by sidehike’s

Summer at the Ballpark Photo by sidehike’s

According To T.R. Sullivan of the Dallas Morning News, The Texas Rangers have consented that Chris Davis has opened some eyes with his strong Spring Training. He is fighting for not only a major league roster spot but playing time as well. He has done so well that several teams have inquired about his availability. This is what happens when you have had such a strong minor league system over the past few years. Look at the Ranger’s potential roster, over half of them I watched play as a Frisco Roughrider (Ranger’s Double A Team). Players are now publicly crying over playing time and the season has not even started. Can you remember when the Ranger’s were begging for players to play for them? I can.

It looks like the Texas Rangers Opening Day starting rotation will be:
C.J. Wilson
Colby Lewis
Tommy Hunter
Matt Harrison (3rd time HAS to be the charm…)
Derek Holland
That should strike fear into the divisional opponents. Can you say… bring on the trade deadline???

Be a BAD Sport!!!



  1. You really think that a rotation like that strikes fear? I give them a B- at best. For crazy good rotation, please refer to the Philadelphia Phillies.

    That being said, go Yankees!

  2. good comments, especially about Chris Davis. Let’s hope this is not another year that he has a killer spring training then craps out once the real season begins. Hate to see M Young go, but it looks inevitable.

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