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Can someone please tell me why the NFL owners and players are still fighting over a CBA? Did the NFL not learn anything from watching MLB lose millions in revenue and fan base over their work stoppage in1994-95? You can still find people today that will not support the MLB because of the last interruption of play.
I was reading an article in the March 14, 2001 issue of Sports Illustrated; it is a MUST read. The 9.3 Billion is an estimate; it is not even a real number. The 9.3 Billion is an estimate that the media has come up with based upon the current television contracts, (ESPN $1.1 Billion, per year for 18 games, FOX $712.5 Million per year for 102 games, CBS $622.5 Million per year for 102 games, NBC $650 Million per year for 18 games, Direct TV $1 Billion for 8 games plus the Sunday Ticket totaling $4.085 Billion per year) add the 1.1 Billion from NIKE, and the $720 Million from Verizon. All of that totals $5.9 Billion before you even touch revenue sharing, stadium naming rights, sponsorships, merchandising, tickets, and concessions. The NFL does not open their books to scrutiny so all of this is based upon the reporting of the Green Bay Packers, Inc. who is a public entity and even then it is only the 17th most valuable team in the NFL according to a 2009 Forbes report.
So how do you fix this? I have a very radical idea that will never be possible or work because neither the owners nor the players would agree to it but let’s explore it anyway using the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys as an example.

Photo by: Affiliate -Shawn Collins

Photo by: Affiliate -Shawn Collins

The NFL becomes a holding corporation (an S-Corp for arguments sake) for every team and each team becomes a separate company within that holding company (an LLC for example). The owners become share holders, board members, and their shares of the NFL S-Corporation are based on their 2010 revenue and would elect Roger Goodell as a non-share holding Chairman of the Board. The owners are then elected as Managing Partners of the LLC (Dallas Cowboys LLC of which Jerry Jones is President ). That takes care of the revenue sharing, there would be no need for a salary cap, and this gives Roger Goodell all powers that are given to him in the S-Corp Articles and he can be removed by a majority vote of the board.
There would not be a rookie draft. The NFLPA is already busted up. Every NFL player would be a free agent when their contract is up or a player enters the workforce. Each individual player could negotiate all of his rights and sponsorships that he could. He would, if possible, negotiate a contract with each LLC or the S-Corp., be on the market to the highest bidder, and would work wherever he wanted to. The player would receive health care, 401K, retirement, and all of the other benefits that you or I would get while employed by a company.
The interesting negative or positive part of this is in the Right to Work States like Texas; Tony Romo or any of the Dallas Cowboys who were not under contract could leave at any time and/or be fired at any time with no notice….
Is the idea different, yes; is the idea radical, yes; would it work? NO… but it is just an idea. What do you think?
Be a BAD Sport!!!


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