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“What would a Texas Ranger spring training be without drama?” David Murphy Texas Rangers Outfielder


Summer at the Ballpark Photo by sidehike’s

Summer at the Ballpark Photo by sidehike’s

Michael Young’s trade demands
The whole sale process of the Texas Rangers
Ian Kinsler’s injuries
Failed drug tests
Tom Hicks
Starting pitching
Is Neftali Feliz in or out of the rotation and he says he wants to be a closer?
Kahlil Green’s social anxiety
Adrian Beltre has yet to take a swing
Chuck Greenberg is out as CEO and Nolan Ryan is in?

In the coming weeks when Greenberg’s side of the story gets out to the media and it will, we will begin to find out the reasons why the separation took place. These things never stay completely private. (If you have not seen it, here is the press release.) Texas Rangers General Manager John Daniels said in an interview today on 105.3 THEFAN that it was philosophical differences between the club and Greenburg. I would speculate that this all started during the actual negotiations for the team. Similar to a bad marriage and the ‘honeymoon phase’ there were little things along the way that drove a wedge between these two men. Some in the media like Greenberg’s verbal war with the New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman; meddling in the Cliff Lee talks, some not so public like the blowing up of Michael Young Trade, and some private that we will never hear about.

As a fan I loved Greenberg, he was in front of the fans and media, challenging the big boy on the block, keeping prices low, reaching out to Cliff Lee to keep him as a Texas Ranger. I guess it was too much for the old school owner group. Nolan is now CEO, managing partner, and ‘head boot’ out at the ballpark. How will Nolan interact? Will it be similar to before Greenberg came on board? Will changes and improvements continue out at ‘The Temple’?

All I know for sure is that we are less than three full weeks from Opening Day and the Texas Rangers won the ALCS against The Evil Empire and went to the World Series last year with drama and it did not bother the players. So, this season is starting to look pretty good to me…

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  1. Hey Brad, or should I say Mr. President.
    Its good to see you are doing well and doing what you do best.
    Keep up the good work.

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