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It has been a busy few weeks. I wanted to give you an update on the Super Bowl XLV Party that we held at Two Brothers in Dallas.

The venue was great; I was very impressed with the upstairs party room. From the private bar to the 110 inch projection screen, it was beyond my expectations. The staff, Austin and Shelby, was fantastic and took care of anything and everything that we needed.

We had an intimate group and had more food than anyone could eat and more fun that a barrel of monkeys (that is right I said monkeys).

We made fun of Christina Aguliera, gave out prizes, cut the cake, and enjoyed a great half of football (let’s face it; Pittsburgh was asleep the first two quarters). Although it looked like Jerrah was trying to land The Good Year Blimp on the field at halftime with the glow in the dark costumes. Can someone tell me why that was necessary? Although, I believe that it should be congressional act that guitarist ‘SLASH’ has to make a half-time appearance at every Super Bowl; he is second only to the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn and marginally ahead Jimmy Hendrix of in my opinion.

Fun time was had by all; everyone made it home safe, and unfortunately it was a school night and we had to go to work in the morning. 😦

The weather had us all worried there for a minute but luckily the roads were still wet, not frozen, when we left.

Although, leave it to the Cheezeheads to have to bring enough bad weather to Texas to ensure a Super Bowl win. 😉


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