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We are a sports concierge service. Well you are asking yourself what is a sports concierge? Think of us as ‘Your Guy’. Everyone has a ‘Your Guy’ that is your connection to get you the tickets that you could not get waiting in line or that you wanted to wait in line for. Everyone has a ‘Your Guy’ that can get you the latest concert ticket that need to make your summer complete. Everyone has a ‘Your Guy’ that has THE Tailgate Party; you know the one party before a Dallas Cowboys Game that everyone who was, is or never shall be is at having a great time. Never mind the game itself just think of the after-parties at the club that ‘Your Guy’ throws!
You say OK, what can ‘Your Guy’ do? How about Dallas Cowboys Home Game Day Ticket Packages that includes transportation from a central location via limo/party bus to a Dallas Cowboys Home Game, to an after party, returning you to a pickup location with limited beer and wine included, hostesses to attend the game with you to make sure you have everything is ok, tickets to a suite, and limited food, beer, wine, and soft drinks in the suite; plus, access to the TAILGATE PARTY!
We have the connections to get you to the Dallas Cowboys Tickets that you want…. no wait no ….that you need!
All of our packages are located in a suite and give you the ability to not have to wait in line for the concession stand; not to have to wait until Halftime to go to the bathroom (you can go between change of possession, or during a review, during the end of the quarter, or even and I do not recommend this between plays and get back quickly!).
Most of our packages include transportation to and from the tailgate party and or suite so you do not have to worry about parking or walking to and from that parking spot that you paid $50.00 for only to walk a half a mile to still get to the stadium and oh by the way your car just got broken into while at the game and now you have to deal with all of those fun activities. Or heaven forbid you have had too much to drink and you try to get behind the wheel.
Now that I tell you all of this, I am going to get radical on you. Not only do we have Dallas Cowboys Football Home Game Day Ticket Packages. We also have Rangers, Stars, Mavericks, Rough Riders, and Concert Packages as well that all include the same as the above!
That is the best part about a concierge; you can go to them for everything!!!!
In the coming weeks I will be revealing more and more about who we are, what we do and how we can become ‘Your Guy’ so you do not miss the events that you want to be at.

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